The new world of construction is here.

Witness the success stories of building with the best cement brands ensuring the life and safety of the establishment. The new world of construction is here.
Strong, Compatible and Sustainable:

The cement has good plasticity before coagulation and can be poured into various shapes and sizes of components or structures.

Stronger roofs:

Duniya cement's roof special SPF technology makes your roof stronger, denser and leak proof.

Enabling water conservation:

Enabling water conservation through the successful implementation of rooftop rainwater harvesting.

Manufacturing Quality and Efficiency:

To produce high-quality cement, the mineralogical and chemical composition of raw materials has to be determined. At each stage of the production, samples have to be taken, processed and analyzed to ensure quality control without gaps.

Environmental Responsibility:

A strong concentrate on inexperienced, sustains not simply the corporate but also the world. The company’s efforts are targeted on providential victimization and preserving natural resources, deploying superior technical solutions to forestall ecological contamination, and proactively adding trees and foliage around the factories to atone for the carbon footprint of production. On the technical front, higher coal-firing burners, air-cooled condensers, quieter and cleaner sedimentary rock blasting, removing mud from oven exhaust gases, and residue management of venturous waste are a number of the ways during which the cluster goes inexperienced.

Quality, Strength, Reliability, Performance, and Consistency are words that are synonymous with Duniya Cement, the flagship company of the Duniya Group. In Construction, these qualities make Duniya Cement the preferred choice for engineers, builders, and contractors. Duniya Cement forms the foundation of some prestigious projects all over the world.